Blog :: 04-2010

We all know Vermont is lovely, but Burlington makes the list of America's 101 Prettiest Cities

Burlington Vermont makes it to the ultimate bucket list:'s America's Prettiest Towns. Judged on natural beauty (think Lake Champlain and Camels Hump) and unique identity (think UVM, Ben & Jerry's and Jim Jeffords), Burlington takes the cake with a generous helping of both.

According to Sarah Tuff Dunn (co-author of 101 Best [...]

Martha Stewart may not live in your Burlington home, but you can still stage it beautifully with these simple tips...

We know that you have to keep living your life even while you are trying to sell your property. Here in Burlington we face a unique real estate staging challenge: Mud Season.

Take a look at your home in bright morning sunshine and take note of what you see and where. Have the dust bunnies become dust buffaloes? Are the windows a myth of [...]