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Is Burlington Vermont America's healthiest city?

Burlington City MarathonIt depends on whom you ask. Of course Burlington is beautiful, some consider it the most beautiful city on Lake Champlain. But if you ask the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Burlington is the nation's healthiest city.

The Burlington City Marathon is huge, of course. And if you walk down any street in downtown Burlington, you'll pass a yoga studio or a health club. Take a look:

All American Fitness Bikram Yoga Bow Down Yoga Burlington Yoga Curves Espire Evolution Yoga Fitness Options Jazzercise of Burlington Olympiad On Track Planet Fitness Raquet's Edge Sports & Fitness Edge Twin Oaks YMCA Yoga Vermont

Imagine that each studio employs 30 fitness professionals. That's 510 people. Add in the colleges, sports clubs, personal trainers, and ski instructors and this number ski rockets to more than two thousand people. That's nearly ½ % of the city's population! Burlington Vermont is the Nation\'s healthiest city

This list doesn't even take the marital arts, Pilates, or physical therapy into consideration. Whatever your body needs, you'll find it here in Burlington. And you'll find any type of class that suits your needs. Take yoga for example: there's prenatal yoga, post-natal yoga, yoga for toddlers, yoga on the lake, yoga for kayakers, yoga for seniors, skiers, bikers, golfers, runners...You get the picture.

These Burlington homes are all within walking distance of a yoga studio or health club: MLS # 2811788 - 673 Prospect Street MLS #2903426 - 94 Church Street MLS #2901442 - 40 College Street MLS #2902570 - 161 St. Paul Street

Here are many more Burlington homes fit for the fit...

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  1. Malik Husbands on

    There may be some thing incorrect with your links. You should have someone check out it.
    • Brian on

      Malik, Which links were you having trouble with? I just checked several and they all worked.
      • Brian on

        Just realized you were reading a post from Aug 2009. I sometimes posts link to online articles. Most online articles will 'archive' on their website after such a long period. The listing links in this particular blog are also no longer active as most properties would change status after 2 year period. You may find this recently updated page on my website helpful about Burlington as a healthy city and other awards: Please let me know if there's anything else we can help you with! --- If you email me directly, I can better assist you!
        • Diana on

          Peonies are one of my favorites. We can grow them here okay and I bring in lots when they`re in sesaon and then after a couple of days I catch them before they start losing their petals and put them all above my kitchen cupboards to dry.teaxo