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Martha Stewart may not live in your Burlington home, but you can still stage it beautifully with these simple tips...

Stage your home like a pro, Martha Stewart

Stage your property like a pro. Martha Stewart can even make the Laundry Room look good.

We know that you have to keep living your life even while you are trying to sell your property. Here in Burlington we face a unique real estate staging challenge: Mud Season.

Take a look at your home in bright morning sunshine and take note of what you see and where. Have the dust bunnies become dust buffaloes? Are the windows a myth of fingerprints?

Here are Five Things that can make a difference in the sale of your property:

1. Leave your shoes outside. The mud room is a uniquely New England part of the home. Use it.

2. De-clutter. Schedule regular de-clutter sessions. Clutter doesn't happen over night; eliminating it takes time, too. If you have kids, introduce them to the Saturday box. The Saturday box is emptied every week, on, you guessed it, Saturdays. Throw anything your kids leave lying around into the Saturday box. Anything left in the box at week's end gets tossed. There are many strategies, books and websites dedicated to de-cluttering. Find one you like and stick to it. Here's a place to start.

fresh flowers improve real estate staging

Stage your property like a pro. Martha Stewart can even make the Laundry Room look good.

3. Fresh flowers - My grandfather always said that there is nothing classier than fresh cut flowers in the bathroom. He was right. Also use potted green plants and potted blooming plants, especially Tulips (they are very seasonal, not too expensive, and can withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous April weather) on the front stoop to create an enticing beginning to the viewing.

The Magic Eraser

Stage your property like a pro. Martha Stewart can even make the Laundry Room look good.

4. Box stuff up and donate it. If you have not worn it in one year, give it away. Do you really need your college books? Books gather dust. Do you need all of those music CDs? iTunes is great for opening up shelf space in the home; download your CDs here.

5. Magic Eraser - While I don't often advocate the promotion of a product, Mr. Clean cannot be beat for light switches and door frames.

And finally, if you're too busy, hire someone. Call us for a great recommendation (800) 639-5520.

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