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We all know Vermont is lovely, but Burlington makes the list of America's 101 Prettiest Cities

Burlington's Church Street Marketplace

Even in the rain, Burlington's Church Street Marketplace is beautiful

Burlington Vermont makes it to the ultimate bucket list:'s America's Prettiest Towns. Judged on natural beauty (think Lake Champlain and Camels Hump) and unique identity (think UVM, Ben & Jerry's and Jim Jeffords), Burlington takes the cake with a generous helping of both.

According to Sarah Tuff Dunn (co-author of 101 Best Outdoor Towns) in her interview with Forbes, "Burlington has it all". Beauty and uniqueness all centered on the pedestrian mall, the  Church Street Marketplace.

Burlington VT Walkability Score

Even in the rain, Burlington's Church Street Marketplace is beautiful

Once the supreme place for high school kids in convertibles to "see and be seen", Church Street was converted into a beautiful pedestrian marketplace more than 27 years ago. The combination of historic buildings and penultimate boutique shopping changed not only the landscape, but the perception of Burlington.

Vermont's biggest City became a place where families and friends could enjoy themselves outdoors and walk to everything they need. As "Walkability" becomes part of the home-buying consciousness, this pedestrian friendliness is part of the attraction of downtown Burlington real estate.

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  1. Jacksonville real estate on

    Burlington is definitely one of the prettiest American cities.
    • Erik on

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