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Big City Perks, Small Town Feel

What do you think of when you hear Vermont? Rolling Green Mountains? A beautiful sunset sparkling over Lake Champlain? Copious amounts of maple syrup? You’d be correct for all the above. But what about city living filled with logo of the city of burlington with cityscape outline against lake & mountain backdrop shops, restaurants, breweries, museums, and the typical perks you’d expect in a state’s largest metropolis? In the case of Burlington, you get the best of both worlds.

Burlington, Vermont’s Queen City, hosts a population of nearly 43,000 within its core boundaries who all enjoy a wonderful balance of city living and small-town feel. If you’re bold enough to have a car in Boston and actually think you can use it to get to your 7:30 PM dinner reservation, you’ll either pay $40 or put your parallel parking skills to the test. If you’re trying to make your same 7:30 reservation at Pizzeria Verità, you’ll more than likely find a metered spot outside the restaurant or, in extreme cases, around the corner for a grand total of $2.25.

For any downsizers looking for the vibrancy of a city without the accompanying chaotic energy and logistics, view of church street marketplace lit up at night a Burlington condo walkable to places like the Church Street Marketplace or the Flynn Theatre might be the perfect option. It’s also ideal for those who simply want the freedom to leave the city without having to factor in hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Reach out to the Brian Boardman Group if the prospect of downsizing to this quietly bustling corner of New England interests you and we’ll help navigate your potential move to the Queen City.

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