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Buel's Gore Vermont

Buel's Gore Vermont
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As of the census of 2010, there were 30 people residing in 14 households in the gore.

From Wikipedia: The gore was chartered by the Vermont General Assembly on 4 November 1780. It is named for Major Elias Buel (in some references 'Buell') who moved to Vermont from Coventry, Connecticut. With a group of would-be proprietors including Ira Allen and several Buel family members, the group petitioned the legislature for a grant. They received a grant for a town, intended to be called Coventry near Shoreham. Due to a surveying error, there was almost no land left in the grant. The group returned to the legislature, received a "flying grant" a sort of license which allowed a grant to be made on unchartered land they could identify.

A residential home with plenty of land located in Buel's Gore, VYAs much of the state had by now been organized, they finally settled upon three unconnected pieces of land. The largest became the present town of Coventry, Vermont. A second piece near Coventry was named "Coventry Leg" for its appendage shape. Coventry Leg was annexed to Newport in 1816. The final small piece, adjacent to Huntington was called Huntington Gore, and renamed Buel's Gore, despite Major Buel's desire to call it Montzoar. All three charters were issued in October 1788, though dated back to 1780, the year of the original petition. Buel was charged retroactive taxes on the grant, a debt that only resolved by the sale of all of his lands. He left Vermont to settle in New York.