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Charlotte Vermont

A Little History of Charlotte VT

The pronunciation of Charlotte VT - with the accent on the second syllable (shar-LOTT) - is always a source of curiosity to those hearing it for the first time. The town was named in honor of Charlotta Sophia of Mecklenburg Strelity, the bride of King George III. Had the young queen ever been privileged to visit her namesake, she surely would have been pleased to note its great beauty.

Its lush, rural countryside and miles of wooded shoreline have always attracted seekers of beautiful, private, or fertile acreage, among them many of the Green Mountain Boys, including the Allen brothers - Ethan, Ira, Herman, and Zimri - all of whom once owned land there. One of the town’s better-known residents was world-famous landscape architect Dan Kiley.

It’s still the land and the lake that give Charlotte its beauty and importance in the eyes of residents, and taxpayers have been supportive of programs designed to enhance the viability of Charlotte farms (including 19 operating dairy farms).

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Charlotte Today

Life in 20th century Charlotte centers around the Four Corners, the site of the Old Brick Store, lovingly renovated in the last few years by its current owners. It’s the place to catch up on local happenings or buy last-minute grocery items. Not far from the Old Brick Store are a new post office, Charlotte Town Hall, and library buildings, designed to fit in with the rural nature of their surroundings.

Real Estate in Charlotte

Not all Charlotte, VT, real estate is farm orientated. Stately old structures from the 1700s grace the Four Corners, the town’s acknowledged center at the intersection of Ferry and Greenbush roads. "Two of them used to be taverns," says Susan Stuck, a writer and history buff who chose the town a few years ago as the best place for her to live and raise her children. "The one on the northwest corner even has a spring-loaded ballroom floor." She goes on to say there’s really a wide range of lifestyles and housing styles throughout the town, from rental property and riding stables, raised ranches, and contemporary colonials, to modest summer camps on Thompson's Point and magnificent hidden estates. 

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Business in Charlotte

There are several businesses that call Charlotte home, though. Agriculture-related businesses include the Vermont Wildflower Farm, a popular tourist destination; Golden Apple Orchard; Sweet Roots Farm (former Charlotte Berry Farm); Eating Well Magazine, and Horsford’s Nursery. It’s been in operation just off US 7 for more than 100 years. Commuters know each spring to watch Horsford’s daily-changing sign on US 7 for the countdown to the opening of the gardening season. Charlotte’s lifestyle has attracted an interesting selection of other businesses, such as New England Overshoe Co. (NEOS), children’s book publisher Williamson Publishing Co., the Old Lantern Inn and Barn and entertainment center, and Point Bay Marina on Thompson’s Point. Charlotte has a beautiful Congregational Church that sits on a hillside east of US 7.

Charlotte Family Recreation

Family recreation options abound in Charlotte, from climbing on the new playground equipment at the school to picnicking at the Charlotte town beach or hiking up the town’s miniature mountain, Mount Philo. The Charlotte to Essex, NY ferry is one of the oldest in America, dating to the 1700s. A ferry ride across the lake to Essex, NY, costs just $5 each way, for walk-ons.

Town Offices
Charlotte VT Town Hall
PO Box 119 Charlotte, VT 05445
Phone: (802) 425-3071 Fax: (802) 425-4241

More Information About Charlotte

Charlotte is an exceptionally beautiful place to live. From Route Seven to the west, the land opens out onto some of the most picturesque spots on Lake Champlain. From Route Seven to the east, the land gradually climbs to farms, rolling hills, and Mount Philo. If you have any questions about Charlotte, contact the Brian Boardman Group.