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Westford Vermont

Westford, a township just north of Essex, was granted as a town in 1763 and encompasses 36 square miles (23,040 acres). The Westford community has worked hard to preserve and enhance the town's historic and natural treasures. The Browns River winds through Westford Village and features one of less than 100 covered bridges left in the state. Restoration of the Browns River Bridge (1838) required a community-wide effort over several years.

Westford Brick Meeting House

Westford VT
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Westford also features The Brick Meeting House (1822) and the Westford Country Store and Cafe. Like so many Vermont villages, the Town Common and the Market are centers of the community's social life.

Westford Planning Coordinator Melissa Manka was quoted in 7Days newspaper as saying, "We have about 2,100 people living here -- we're the little forgotten town of Chittenden County." To learn the latest news in Westford, check out the downloadable online edition of the local paper called the Mountain Gazette which serves the towns of Bolton, Cambridge, Jericho, Underhill, Westford, and Jeffersonville. It will give you a great feel for the events, businesses, services, and people of this corner of Chittenden County.

Westford School

Westford Town Center Revitalization Projects

Westford Town Office
1713 Vermont Route 128
Westford, Vermont 05494
Phone (802)878-4587