Vermont Climate

VT Climate

Unlike the rest of the state, Burlington's location near Lake Champlain delays the onset of each season slightly. In the winter, the snow tends to fall in the city only a while after it has appeared elsewhere. Because of the lake water temperature being higher than the air in winter, warmer air is often in evidence here. Yet, when spring comes, the air near the cold lake can be cooler than it is away from the water's edge.

All Four Seasons

When the end of summer comes, peak foliage season arrives at the end of September or as late as Columbus Day. Immediately after that, a hard frost will occur (average date is October 3) and the blowing of snow shortly thereafter (date for first snowfall is the first week of December). The average snowfall is slightly over 72 inches a year. For further information about weather conditions in the Greater Burlington area contact: National Weather Service.

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