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Vermont Tax Information

What you need to know

•    No inventory tax. The inventory tax has been eliminated in most area communities and is being phased out in others.

•    No county tax.

•    No local corporate net worth tax.

•    Low state sales tax 6%.

•    No sales tax on manufacturing equipment or packaging.


•   Rooms & meals tax 9%. (Plus Local Option Tax if applicable)

•   Property taxes are determined at a city/town level.

•   Local Option Taxes

Further business tax information is available from the Vermont Department Of Taxes (802-828-2505) or visit

Visit more on the local information page. If you have other questions about taxes in Vermont or would like help with finding a home in Burlington VT or another town in the area, contact the Brian Boardman Group. You might also like to view our listings or start your own home search.

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